freeradius server works only on localhost

Matthew Newton mcn at
Thu Jun 24 16:27:54 CEST 2021

On 24/06/2021 15:22, Ron Eggler wrote:
> 6508    13.018560775 RADIUS    126 
> Access-Request id=111
> 7900    18.026087338    RADIUS 126 
> Access-Request id=111, Duplicate Request
> 9210    23.042855784    RADIUS  126 
>   Access-Request id=111, Duplicate Request
> Hence I suspect that the issue may be with the RADIUS server 
> configuration, rather than with my network setup - is that suspicion wrong?

What does radiusd -X say?

If the packets are hitting FreeRADIUS then it will tell you that (even 
if the client is unknown, it will say *something*).

If they are not getting to FreeRADIUS, then they are being blocked/lost 
elsewhere (e.g. iptables, other firewall, wrong IP/port, etc).

See for info on getting debug output.


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