Log entries when proxying

Tony Skalski ajs at stolaf.edu
Tue May 11 18:57:50 CEST 2021

I am proxying some clients (based on outer identity) to our old NPS
servers. This is an eduroam wireless environment and many of the example
configs I've found have linelog statements in the outer tunnel pre-proxy
and post-proxy sections. This results in about 25-30 log messages for a
single proxied authentication.

This seemed like a lot of messages for a single authn, so I went looking
for a state attribute that would allow me to identify the first proxy
request and log that, as well as the final proxy accept, but not all of the
intervening proxy requests and challenges.

Is it commonplace to log a message for each proxy request and challenge
like this? (and I should not worry about the number of log messages)

Or, is there a way to identify the initial proxy request and not log the
intervening requests and challenges? Thanks!

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