Public Domain Certificate for EAP-TTLS

Dean Arnold dean at
Fri May 14 02:49:34 CEST 2021

Hello Freeradius Users,

I'm a new Freeradius user, and I am setting up a for Radius server for
LDAP/GSuite Authorization with WiFi 802.11x (WPA2Enterprise) and
EAP-TTLS/PAP. The good news is I have all that working, at least for Apple
clients; Windows & Android tests pending.

The network is in a School environment and the Student's devices are BYOD
Laptops, Tablets & Phones, and it's not scalable to installing client
certificates for my own CA, so I do not want to use EAP-TLS.

I'd like to create a Certificate (Certificate Signing Request) for a CA
like Comodo (or other suggested) to create a Public DNS (I have a public
domain) signed certificate for use with the EAP-TTLS. I've looked in the
docs and user groups and have not seen documentation on how to do this.
It's possible I missed it.

Could someone please point me to some documents/sites that describe how to
make a CSR for a Certificate that will be compatible with OSX and MS

Thanks in advance!


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