How do I see if the user has disconnected?

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat May 15 14:38:06 CEST 2021

On May 15, 2021, at 8:16 AM, Mark Antony via Freeradius-Users <freeradius-users at> wrote:
> I just tried it and it works. And I tried a second use case, where instead of stopping the user session, I turned on the AirPlane Mode and cut off the internet.
> Freeradius didn't register that as Stop
> (11)   accounting {
> (11)     if (&Acct-Status-Type == "Stop") {
> (11)     if (&Acct-Status-Type == "Stop")  -> FALSE

  So... what does the REST of the debug output say?

  This isn't difficult.  The server prints out the packets it receives.  Including the value it gets for Acct-Status-Type.

  Reading the debug output will tell you exactly why it failed.  So... read the debug output.  ALL OF IT.

  Alan DeKok.

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