Building against MariaDB 10.5

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I apologise if this question is considered off-topic, but I wouldn’t know where else to ask.

We run freeradius on RHEL 7, using our own RPMs that are based on the SPEC file included with freeradius, but with some differences. Our database team doesn’t want to use the stock mariadb RPM, so we use version 10.5 from

The issue is that I have found that when I build the freeradius 3.0.22 RPM with MariaDB 10.5 installed, the freeradius server doesn’t run properly. I configured a panic_action and can provide the gdb files if there is interest.
If I use mariadb-devel 5.5 (standard issue RHEL 7) to build, everything works fine, even when the database server is running MariaDB 10.5. So there is a workaround, but I wonder if it shouldn’t be possible to compile with the newer version installed?
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