Some Random Questions

Matthew Newton mcn at
Sat May 29 01:29:48 CEST 2021

On 29/05/2021 00:03, mohamed almeshal wrote:
>    *   First : I discover issue may be mislead , but I will descript it to yours , if I connect the mikrotik NAS with my freeradius service and the users being auth before with other freeradius service my server open session in radacct and consider them valid even if some of them have not radcheck data .(strange) .

Authentication and Accounting are separate things; they can be sent to 
different servers. So even if the authentication was sent to another 
server then your server can still process accounting.

>    *   Second : how I can run external script that run by freeradius in the sites-available default to acct as cron job , I know how to run cron job but I would to like to sync it with freeradius .

There is no timer in FreeRADIUS to schedule things, just use cron.


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