freeRadius server 2.2.7 add module, the default configure file is radius.conf, could I change it to sql.conf, thank you

老咪 93327349 at
Thu Nov 11 07:09:53 CET 2021

Hi Alan,
I add a module based freeRadius server 2.2.7, it's about the EAP_AKA authentication, now it workes well, thank you and your team very much. 
I found that the default configure file of the module is radius.conf, I try to use sql.conf or other new configure file, but it didn't work.
I try to find the cause in the code, I found that all modules did use its own configure file, maily in /usr/local/etc/raddb/modules/, named by the module,  and /usr/local/etc/raddb/radiusd.conf is the default file,  It can be modified,  but until now I haven't found the accurate place.
Could you please tell me how to specify the configure file for a module, thank a lot.

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