Any updates on authenticating against Active Directory?

Boyd, Christopher cboyd at
Mon Nov 15 14:46:04 CET 2021

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I am configuring a Freeradius server on Ubuntu 20.04 to authenticate against an Active Directory Domain. I searched online and found many documentation pages, like this one: but I did not find any recently produced page, every page that I found dates back to 5+ years ago and relies on Samba and ntlm_auth command.

So my question is: is this procedure still recommended? Or are there any newer procedures? Can't I query AD domain as an LDAP server, avoiding joining my Ubuntu server to the domain?

We're looking at this as well, but NTLM auth has been turned off in our environment. There's this page that describes how to do auth with Kerberos, which may work, but I have not had a chance to test it yet.


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