Apache2 auth_radius and OTP not working consistently

Steven Vacaroaia stef97 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 22:55:40 CEST 2021


I am trying to get freeradius + AD + Yubikey as authentication mechanism
for some of our websites

It is working on and off which makes it very difficult to troubleshoot

I noticed some notes / comments in the module but apparently I am not able
to implement them properly although they seem pretty clear

It will be greatly appreciated if you can point me to what am I doing wrong

folder protected
file needed to be used
I put another file named index.html containing a link to index.php in the
above folder

I can connect to it after authenticate but , when I am using the link I
created to index.php, I am asked again to authenticate which fails with
"password mismatched" error

I know I must be missing something really simple and I apologize for
wasting your time with this but I am a bit desperate to get it working


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