FreeRADIUS - vlan - LDAP - Google Workspace OU - Dynamic Assignment - Regarding

P.Thirunavukkarasu drthiruna at
Mon Sep 6 13:43:53 CEST 2021

Hi all,
We configured the G Suite LDAP with FreeRADIUS server with the great
support of our group.
One more help requested from the user for the following requirements
I am sorry for any inconvenience for this mail
We are having different WLAN SSIDs in our campus.
Similarly there are different OU in the Google Workspace
For Example
OU faculty: vlan 10
OU PG Student: vlan 20
OU UG Student: vlan 30
Our requirement is to assign the different vlan ID for each OU of the
Google Workspace.
In the above page they explained about the different groups. Can we apply
the same for the OU?
Your suggestions would be highly appreciated...
*Dr.P.Thirunavukkarasu*, MVSc, PhD(Medicine), MCA
Assistant Professor

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