Problem when trying to store NAS-Port-ID into radpostauth table

Antônio Modesto modesto at
Thu Sep 16 16:25:34 CEST 2021


I added a column to the radpostauth table to store the NAS-Port-ID, but 
I am noticing a strange behaviour for a specific type of NAS. Using 
tcpdump, I can see that the NAS-Port-Id attributes arrives in the 
following format:

     NAS-Port-Id Attribute (87), length: 38, Value: 

But when I check what is being stored in the radpostauth table and in 
the radacct table, I get something like this:


I am using the following expression in my queries.conf to get the value 
of this attribute from the request:

    NULLIF('%{%{NAS-Port-ID}:-%{NAS-Port}}', '')

It seems like unlang is encoding the value somehow. Do you guys have any 

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