Discard / no Log

Nicolas Breuer Nicolas.Breuer at belcenter.biz
Mon Apr 4 06:39:19 UTC 2022


We are flooded by a wrong CPE configuration. Is there a way if the realm is not configured in proxy.conf to discard the packet silently and discard the log in the radius.log ? I tried to return if “noop” but logging is still there 😊 Disable the logging for auth_reject is not an option 😊

authorize {

        #  The preprocess module takes care of sanitizing some bizarre
        #  attributes in the request, and turning them into attributes
        #  which are more standard.
        #  It takes care of processing the 'raddb/mods-config/preprocess/hints'
        #  and the 'raddb/mods-config/preprocess/huntgroups' files.

        #  The chap module will set 'Auth-Type := CHAP' if we are
        #  handling a CHAP request and Auth-Type has not already been set

        #  If the users are logging in with an MS-CHAP-Challenge
        #  attribute for authentication, the mschap module will find
        #  the MS-CHAP-Challenge attribute, and add 'Auth-Type := MS-CHAP'
        #  to the request, which will cause the server to then use
        #  the mschap module for authentication.

        # Look for realms in user at domain format

                if (noop){

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