Protocol recommendation

Olivier oza.4h07 at
Tue Apr 5 17:22:36 UTC 2022


I've read this [1] article. It is very interesting but I would
appreciate some explaination about the final recommendations

Specifically, this paragraph contains:
"If MS-CHAPv2 is required for operational or inter-operability
reasons, we recommend running it over a secure management network. The
Microsoft MFA server does not support MFA with MS-CHAPv2. Or, running
TTLS + MS-CHAPv2. Though it has no benefits (and many drawbacks!) over

1. What does "we recommend running [MS-CHAPv2] over a secure
management network"  implies, here ?

2. What does "Or, running TTLS + MS-CHAPv2" excatly means, here ?


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