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Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Apr 7 12:32:28 UTC 2022

On Apr 6, 2022, at 10:16 PM, mohamed almeshal <mohammed.almeshal at> wrote:
> I have issue with accounting it's goes always send me radius timeout due to accounting issue ? my question is if I don't specify action on accounting
> section to handle stop or lost packet connection is that mandatory and will affect the accounting flow .

  The server should always reply to accounting packets.  It only replies when the "accounting" section returns "ok".  Most modules which do something (sql, detail, etc.) do this.

  As always, run the server in debug mode.  If it isn't replying to accounting packets, then fix the configuration.

> is there way to let the radius box set Simultaneous-Use globally for all the user in the freeradius box

  Yes.  Just add an "update" section in the "authorize" section, before anything else:

	update control {
		Simultaneous-Use := 1

> what is the different between set NAS PORT Type Cable , Wireless , ethernet and what is the consequences on Radius Activity

  Those are all different kinds of networking.  They don't affect RADIUS.

> how I can implement function that generate random ip for the framed pool

  Update the SQL queries to pick an IP at random.  But in general this is a bad idea.  It slows down the SQL queries a lot.

  Alan DeKok.

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