[EXT] Multiple NAS ips in home_server for COA packets

Daniele Mantovani dmantovani at salesianisesto.it
Thu Apr 7 16:06:48 UTC 2022

Many Thanks to both of you!

I hoped there's some sort of workaround, but I can understand why this
is done this way.

>  Given that we have 3.2.x now, it would be useful to add *small* changes to support this functionality.  Even allowing a network/mask for CoA "home_server" definitions would help a lot.

I wish in some future version there will be something like this! I can
think of many situations where you have to reply back to a group of
NAS and all have the same "parameters" and are in the same network

Maybe that type of home_server that can have a network class as a
network address can be "flagged" in some particular way that prevents
it from being used to proxy other types of requests and only be used
to resolve the coa packet send.

In case, if you need a beta tester, I'm in ;)

> > I'm trying to implement in my setup (currently a 3.0.17 freeradius)
>  I suggest upgrading, but whatever.

I'm planning to do that during the summer break. I've many
configurations to migrate to the new 4.0 syntax, and it will take some
time ;)

> > Now I need to deploy that configuration to all my access points, that
> > are around 150, and making 150 home_server configurations, one for
> > every NAS, it's really long and error prone.
>  Create them from templates.

Thanks for the suggestion. I would probably try to go this way at the
moment, generating with a script a file to be included in the
proxy.conf file, with the list of the NAS that all reference the same
The only downside of this way is that every time I need to change a
NAS, I need to re-run that script and reload/restart my freeradius
Maybe the mysql configuration way could be useful in this case.

Thanks again!


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