reconnect to mysql on DB write errors

Cypher A cyphera at
Mon Apr 11 06:37:50 UTC 2022

Is there a way / config option for freeRadius to reconnect to sql server on
DB operation errors (eg. db write errors).

background: the sql cluster we use is behind a DNS based Load balancer.
Every 2 weeks, half of the cluster are taken out of DNS for service by
automated tasks. The DNS update happens a few seconds after the servers are
taken out (and all DBs marked read-only) and during these few seconds,
radius can still connect to the down'd sql servers but all writes will
fail.  Eventually, the read-only mysql will stop and radius will reconnect
to the valid sql servers.

The one option I see "connect_failure_retry_delay" seems to only matter for
establishing sql connection. In this case, sql connection itself is fine,
just to a read-only DB.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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