SSID check

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Aug 1 10:59:04 UTC 2022

On 1 August 2022 11:14:35 BST, Benoit RAYNIER <benoit.raynier at> wrote:
>I want to Allow an user to connect freeradius only if the SSID match, with the ssid stored in the database.


>I tried to add the Check Attibute « Called-Station-id » == « SSID name » to the user profile but this is not working.

What does that attribute contain in the incoming request? I doubt it is just the SSID name. Run in debug mode to see.

>I also tried to add the attribue Allow-called-station-id but this is not working.

You can't just make up attributes and expect them to work.

You can often use the rewrite_called_station_id policy to extract the SSID if it is present.


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