Unable to start radiusd, permission issues, and minimal configuration

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Dec 2 02:46:31 UTC 2022

On Dec 1, 2022, at 7:39 PM, James Prestwood <prestwoj at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do professional/corporate networks actually use the hostapd
> implementation? I'm genuinely curious. Its just very limited on what
> you can do compared to freeRADIUS.

  hostapd is best for embedded systems.  I can't recall ever seeing it used as the main RADIUS server in a production environment,

> We have had users in the past say their EAP configuration doesn't work
> when we test the same configuration in our automated testing. So
> whether this is extra attributes we don't expect, default options that
> differ between hostapd/freeRADIUS, etc. we just don't know without
> testing both.

  It's almost always TLS issues.  Differences in OpenSSL versions, etc.  EAP and RADIUS are trivial in comparison.

> In a perfect world you're right, they should be identical in terms of
> the protocol. What I'm doing now is figuring out if thats actually true
> :)

  Barring issues with OpenSSL, they should be identical.  Everyone uses wpa_supplicant / hostap / freeradius for everything.

  Alan DeKok.

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