TLS 1.3 Configuration

Marek Zarychta zarychtam at
Wed Dec 14 16:03:33 UTC 2022

W dniu 14.12.2022 o 16:11, Alan DeKok pisze:
> On Dec 14, 2022, at 8:39 AM, Boby Tharappel<bobytharappel.mec at>  wrote:
>> a works, but I'm trying to get Tls 1.3 connections only. Supplicant 2.10
>> supports tls 1.3 according to their documentations.
>    Then it needs to be configured to use TLS 1.3.

To make TLS 1.3 working with wpa_supplicnant v2.10 it has to be 
explicitly enabled; wpa_supplicant.conf must include:


>> The protocol version doesn't match---> I have a question here, it seems the
>> server received a 1.3 handshake, but returned a 1.2 alert? What might be
>> causing that?

>> (9) eap_tls: (TLS) recv TLS 1.3 Handshake, ClientHello
 From my experience the server is always replying this way when it's 
configured to support TLS 1.3.

Marek Zarychta

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