Centralized accounting and coa/disconnect

BuzzSaw Code buzzsaw.code at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 01:31:13 UTC 2022

We have several distributed RADIUS servers that have been using the
robust-proxy-accounting model to centrally log accounting information
into a mysql database.  Now we want to use that info for

In the coa virtual server example, the RADIUS server gets a coa
packet, then looks up the required data to form the coa packet to send
to the NAS.

Is there a way to have the centralized accounting server receive the
disconnect packet, lookup the info in that mysql instance, then proxy
that to the right source RADIUS server, so that server can send the
coa (or disconnect) to the NAS ?

Some vendors either only allow one or two RADIUS servers and those
servers must be used for auth/accounting.  We really don't want that
central accounting server performing auth for everything, thus why we
want to proxy it locally to the right instance for the NAS.

So can something like that work or do we need to come up with plan B ?

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