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Tue Jun 14 13:18:20 UTC 2022


System version: Centos linux release 7.9.2009
Radius version: Freeradius-server-3.0.21 source code compilation and installation
Routing: MikroTik v 6.48.6
As shown in the image below, the certificate with the red box is created by Freeradius and imported into MikroTik, with the "MikroTik" flag, created for the router itself.
As can be seen from the comparison in the figure, the certificate created by Freeradius and imported into MikroTik is relative to the certificate created by the router itself, and there are no relevant parameters in the red box.
1. Is it normal that there is no "Key Usage" in the ca certificate? If not, how to modify ca.cnf?
2. Is it normal that the CA item in the status of the server certificate is empty? In addition, how to modify server.cnf and add the DNS parameter in "Subject Alt. Name"?

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