How I can enable debug logs for home server status check

work vlpl thework.vlpl at
Tue Nov 8 01:39:41 UTC 2022

I am not sure if this is a potential issue or not so let me first ask
how the home server if it is marked as dead can become alive?

I have a configuration like this

home_server <>__1812 {
    type = auth
    ipaddr = ip
    port = 1812
    secret = <>
    response_window = 20
    zombie_period = 40
#    revive_interval = 120
    status_check = request
    username = ping
    password = test
    check_interval = 30
    check_timeout = 4
    num_answers_to_alive = 3
    max_outstanding = 65536

I've tried to uncomment or comment revive_interval but in both cases,
I don't see in debug log (-fxxl) any messages about the home server
status check.

Also in my pool of home servers I have only 1 server, I know this is a
weird config, but this is all that I have.

In debug logs, I see a message like this

(3600) ERROR: Failed to find live home server: Cancelling proxy
(3600) Clearing existing &reply: attributes
(3600) Found Post-Proxy-Type Fail-Authentication

How I can enable debug messages about home server status checks? (I've
tried to use more x i.e. -fxxxxx..., not helping)

And manual request with radclient and credentials ping/test returns
Access-Reject. So I expect that server should be marked as alive.

Best regards,

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