Cannot increase open file descriptors above 1024

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Nov 18 15:10:01 UTC 2022

On Nov 18, 2022, at 3:45 AM, Ibrahemoo Ghost <ibrahemooghost at> wrote:
> I am running under ubuntu server 20, After raising the file descriptors
> limit, When i run freeradius as service (in multithreaded mode) signal gets
> aborted after 1 second with the following error in syslog:
> freeradius.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=6/ABRT
> freeradius.service: Failed with result 'signal'.

  Hmm... it shouldn't abort.

> But when i try to run it under debug mode freeradius -X (single threaded),
> it works fine, but the problem is i can't put it under single threaded mode
> for too long because it is in production environment.

  You can just do:

freeradius -fxxx -l stdout

  which runs it in debug mode (threaded).  See also doc/bugs.

  If you're not using the latest version... upgrade.  Free packages are available at

  i.e. we're not going to debug issues which have been found && fixed years ago.

> I could not share the connection pool across sql instances because it
> shared a single connection to a single database, What I want is to have
> each sql instance connect to a different database (Under the same mysql
> server).

  As Nick suggested, you can add the DB name to the SQL query.  This means you only need one SQL connection pool.

  But even without that, if you have ~100 different SQL modules, do they each really need 10+ connections?  i.e. is your server really getting that many packets?  Why not just drop the connection limit to ~3-4 connections?

  Unless your server is getting 1000 packets/s, there are few reasons for having 10+ SQL connections at the same time.

  If you're getting a low number of packets/s and still need many SQL connections, then your SQL server is slow.  Fix it.  It should reply to FreeRADIUS very quickly.

  Alan DeKok.

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