oauth2 proxy mode

Michael Schwartzkopff ms at sys4.de
Wed Nov 23 17:50:42 UTC 2022

On 23.11.22 18:44, Laurent Estevez wrote:
> Hi,
> Do you have any feedback on oauth2* authentication and freeradius 3. I 
> would like to connect MS Azure on a freeRaius standard package 
> installation with this mode, but I am having problems implementing 
> this module (error run freeradius service)
> Thanks in advance,
> * source : https://github.com/jimdigriz/freeradius-oauth2-perl
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no feedback yet. I would not use the perl module, but implement it form 
the scratch in python or utilize the new rest module.

But since I have no customer at the moment for this problem this is not 
on my top urgency. I am doing other things for fun at the moment.

Michael Schwartzkopff

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