Robust Proxy Accounting problem after switch from 2.2.10 to 3.2.1

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Nov 29 16:16:24 UTC 2022

On Nov 29, 2022, at 10:52 AM, Martin Zaharinov <micron10 at> wrote:
> Server is not down , May be respons very slow (Freeradius Main server)

  If it's not responding, then it's not operating at capacity.  Perhaps it would have been good *at the start* to say "my main RADIUS server isn't operating at 100%".

  It helps to debug the real problem.  You can't just add "robust proxy accounting" in order to get your main RADIUS server to perform better.  That's not how networking works.

  Also, you can't just "install FreeRADIUS" and expect it to do 24K packets/s.  If you empty the configuration so that it simply replies to a packet and does nothing more, the server can easily do 40K to 50K packets per second.

  But as soon as you add a database, that number drops enormously.  Writing accounting packets to SQL is hard, and can reach maybe 2K packets/s, depending on the SQL database.  Redis will do 100K writes/s, but doesn't have the same table / complex queries as SQL.

  Much of the work in building a RADIUS system is in doing database optimizations.  Either make the database do less work, or add more CPU power / shards / whatever to the database so that it can handle the load.

 In the end, this isn't really a FreeRADIUS issue.  FreeRADIUS can do 40K packets/s.  Databases can't.  So... fix the database before doing anything else.

> To allow accept 24k packets per second.

  This is a much harder problem than getting robust proxy accounting working.   No amount of poking the proxy server will help your main RADIUS server run faster.

  And doing 24K SQL writes per second isn't trivial.  It takes either time (hard work) or money, or both.  We can't really help you there, as SQL optimizations are very much outside of the scope of this mailing list.

  Alan DeKok.

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