dhcp as non root: Failed adding ARP entry in DISCOVER

Hermann.Lauer at uni-heidelberg.de Hermann.Lauer at uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Nov 30 10:13:30 UTC 2022

Hello All,

while trying to setup dhcp on a local network I get:

(38)   } # dhcp DHCP-Discover = ok                                                                                
(38) DHCP: Reply will be unicast to your-ip-address                                                               
(38) Failed adding ARP entry: Failed to add entry in ARP cache: Operation not permitted (1)                       
NO ENCODE!                                                                                                        

The server (3.2.0) is running on debian testing as user "freeradius", and I did and verified the
"setcap cap_net_admin=ei /usr/sbin/freeradius".

Which setup is needed in the dhcp server config section? At the moment it is:
	ipaddr =
	src_ipaddr = <ip of interface>
	port = 67
	interface = <interface name>
	broadcast = yes

Thanks and greetings

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