Autoreload of freeradius configuration files

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 30 19:20:40 UTC 2022

On Nov 30, 2022, at 11:40 AM, Amit Prajapati <amit.subscription at> wrote:
> I am using freeradius 3.0.20 for one of the projects.

  You should really upgrade to 3.2.1.

> For my requirement I am using it as a proxy server. I am able to update the
> required configuration file (client.conf, proxy.conf and
> site-enabled/default) with the clients, realms and home-server details, to
> proxy the incoming request to the home server.
> My query is that for this requirement I need to add/delete the new/old
> clients in "clients.conf" or add/delete home-server configuration in the
> "proxy.conf" file. But for every change in these files I have to restart
> the server in-order for the change to become effective.


> Is there any way to dynamically read these configuration files ((client.conf,
> proxy.conf and site-enabled/default)) without restarting the server?


> I have tried the HUP signal method, but it's reloading only the freeradius
> modules even when I changed any of these three files.

  HUP only reloads a few things.  It's just too hard to reload clients and home servers on the fly.

  3.2.1 has some provisions for reloading home servers dynamically.  But you can't just HUP the server, it's more complicated than that.  See raddb/home_servers/ in the 3.2 distribution.

  Alan DeKok.

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