Performance issues

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Sep 29 13:43:36 UTC 2022

On Sep 29, 2022, at 9:32 AM, Imdad Hasan <imdadalikadiwala0 at> wrote:
> Right now in current version of my app,
> 1.) For accounting i am using pre-compiled FreeRADIUS queries with two
> tables approach one radacct for live and another for closed sessions.

  That's good.

> 2.) In update control i am updating in/out octets on another table for
> specific user total usage. (Also for Accounting)


  How fast are those queries?  How big are the tables?  Do the tables have appropriate indexes?

> 3.) For Authentication/Authorization i am still using exec with php script,
> i am planning to move on perl, but still confuse because of some old posts
> about perl module.

  The Perl module is well documented and it works.  While Perl is slow, it will be much faster than exec+PHP.

> - MySQL server have 32GB RAM and 8-Core CPU with Mysql
> READ-COMMITED isolation mode.
> - MySQL server CPU usage is max to max 10% to 15% On high load.
> - FreeRADIUS server have 4GB RAM and 2-Core CPU.
> - FreeRADIUS server CPU usage is around 50 to 75%. but the half of total
> usage (around 30%) is by the system kernel itself. mostly these two
> function of the kernel.

  The kernel shouldn't be using that much CPU time.  Something odd is going on.  Perhaps the many exec scripts you're running.

> - MySQL and FreeRADIUS is linked in the local network in one VPC of Amazon
> AWS.
> - The average load of internet subscriber is around 35k. and i set 5mins
> interim update time for every subscriber for accounting.

  So about 60 packets/s on average.  This should never be a problem for FreeRADIUS.

> - most of time is working fine, but some times it's gives below errors and
> hangs.. on client sides it's showing *radius time out.*

  Don't debug server issues by looking at the client logs.
> *Thu Sep 29 07:40:54 2022 : WARNING: (4098875) WARNING: Module rlm_sql
> became unblocked*
> *Thu Sep 29 07:40:54 2022 : Error: Received conflicting packet from client
> omnet port 54191 - ID: 82 due to unfinished request in module sql.  Giving
> up on old request.*

  Your SQL database is slow.  Fix it.

* clean up old / unused rows

* make sure the tables have appropriate indexes
  * delete unused indexes
  * make sure all queries have indexes

* make sure any custom queries don't result in full table scans.

  This isn't a FreeRADIUS issue.  No amount of poking FreeRADIUS will make your database faster.  (Other than using more efficient queries).

  The default schema / indexes / queries work.  They're fine for thousands of packets per second.

  Something you've done locally is making the database slow.

  Alan DeKok.

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