Performance issues

Imdad Hasan imdadalikadiwala0 at
Fri Sep 30 08:08:42 UTC 2022

Hi Alan,

Actually the problem is something different. i checked all queries and all
indexes. even i enabled MySQL logs for slow queries + without indexed
queries. and it's showing none..

Another main thing is MySQL is only taking 5-10% cpu max. i already
increased the max_connection as well with 1024 from the first day of

So, I am monitoring how many connections are opened by WebUI and FreeRADIUS
servers separately.

So, everytime WebUI (NGINX + PHP-FPM) has so many connections like around
150. But on the other hand the FreeRADIUS has only 15 to 20 max
connections. why it's not taking full advantage of MySQL

I also increased max_server from 32 to 64 in radiusd.conf but still it's
not creating more connections.

And whenever i restart freeradius it shows *rlm_exec unblocked* (i think
because of intruption in running php processes.). But the *rlm_sql
unblocked* is sometimes in a day without any reason.. But I am sure that
*rlm_sql* means pre-compiled queries Or action update queries. Right?

Please correct me if I am wrong..

The *rlm_sql unblocked (with conflict packet)* problem is from the
configuration of freeradius.. it's not from a php exec script.

Please suggest to me what will be the bottleneck in this issue.

Imdad 😊

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