repository issue networkradius?

Joost Ringoot joost.ringoot at
Wed Dec 6 11:15:30 UTC 2023


This is not an immediate problem for me, but I think this is worth to look into. 

I tried to install freedius with the repository as mentioned here, but it fails, the bigger packages (+ 80 kb) appear to be truncated 

[ | ] 

downloading the packages from here 

[ | ] 

with wget, the transfer appears to be interrupted by a remote connection closed, wget can resume and downloads it in chunks of 50 - 75 kb 
which can then be successfull installed with apt 

I am working from home and tried on a server, that I prepare, I first thought that our IPS or firewall is acting up, but even from home directly on my pc without vpn connection, I have the same behaviour: 
with wget downloads are interrupted into chunks of 50-70 kb but appear complete in the end. 

Best regards, 


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