Debian 12 and Azure SQL setup issues (trying unixodb/ FreeTDS / iODBC) .

Olaf siegson at
Mon Dec 11 14:20:38 UTC 2023

So to compile it with unixodbc is the prefered way to go.

>   If unixodbc is installed, then the configure process should be able to
> find it.  The only magic is finding out where the unixodbc libraries /
> header files are, and passing that to configure.  The simplest way is:
> $ ./configure --with-unixodbc-include-dir=/path/to/include
> --with-unixodbc-lib-dir=/path/to/lib ... other args ...
OK.. will give it another try.

>   But from reading posts to the lists, it seems there's a secret
> prohibition against reading the official documentation.  I have no idea why,

Yeah, some guidance would be helpful.


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