FreeTDS errors after running perfectly fine for 30-60minutes.

Nick Porter nick at
Fri Dec 15 10:06:41 UTC 2023

On 14/12/2023 18:42, Olaf wrote:
>>    Maybe don't use freetds :(
> Here is my problem again. Compile from source with unixodbc is a nightmare.
> And it seems there is documentation on how to....that is
> not accessible for me.

If you use the latest code on the 3.2 branch, "make deb" will now build 
the unixodbx FreeRADIUS package rather than iODBC.

Make sure you have unixodbc-dev installed.

unixodbc-dev and libiodbc2-dev are conflicting packages which is likely 
what caused your issues, however since iODBC appears to not be getting 
any attention in Debian packaging, it makes more sense to build the 
unixodbc version as that is being kept up to date.

Nick Porter

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