home_server definition for originate-coa from sql database

Daniel Finger daniel.finger at ewetel.de
Wed Mar 15 17:36:48 UTC 2023


I am trying to use the originate-coa server to update all sessions of a user by sending a coa request to the radius from an external source
It works as it is documented in the originate-coa server, but there is one thing I could not figure out:
As I understand it, I need a home_server definition of every nas, which could receive a coa request. If I do not have such a definition I get the message "Unknown destination for CoA request."
I have all clients, which would be the target of such a coa request in a SQL database (one entry for each IP and a sql module with read_clients = yes).
Is it possible to use the sql database or the clients known to freeradius somehow as source for the home_server definition?
Currently, the only possible solution that comes to my mind: Generating the home_server definitions in an external script and $INCLUDE the generated file.

Daniel Finger

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