Auth failed accounts and write to SQL database

Steven Walters (S) StevenW1 at
Mon Mar 20 17:29:22 UTC 2023


Thanks for the suggestions, Matthew, but not getting the desired result. Let me explain the problem I want to address and maybe there is a better option.

On a regular basis we have PPPoE customers whose authentication fails either due to incorrect password or suspension which ends up phoning the call centre because they have no internet connection.

What I want to do, testing with the "guest" username, is to authorize customers with incorrect password or suspension, provide them with limited internet access to be redirected to a website which will display relevant messages e.g., password incorrect on modem follow these steps to update. Additionally, with an active PPPoE session the helpdesk will also be able to access these customers' modems to update the password.

To achieve this, I need to write a value to a database field (that is what I am trying to do with post-auth) during authentication to identify these customers accordingly e.g., customers with incorrect password. When I receive the accounting start, I read this value from the database which I add as an attribute to the accounting start message before proxying  it to our PCRF. On the PCRF I will then add rules based on the value of this attribute. For example, if a customer has incorrect password on modem, route the customer to a website which displays a message that modem has incorrect password configured on modem and will have limited internet access until fixed.

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