Freeradius authentication for VSP VOSS Switch

Matthew Newton mcn at
Fri Mar 24 14:27:27 UTC 2023

On 24/03/2023 14:17, shamsher singh wrote:
> After configuring dictionary.bay as suggested by Igor, the Freeradius
> server is not sending
> RADIUS: radGenVendorValpairs: vendor_id = 1584
> RADIUS: radGenValpairs: len = 6
> I am not sure what needs to be configured in the users file to send these
> attributes.

That attribute is already in dictionary.bay. There should be no need to 
define anything.

Search through the dictionary files and you'll find vendor 1584 in 

Look in that file and you'll find attribute 192 defined as 

Look at the values for that attribute and you'll find value 6 is 

So the information is all there already.

In the users file do something like

	Passport-Access-Priority := Read-Write-All-Access

to return that attribute for user 'username', or e.g. see the users file 
for how to return it for all users using DEFAULT.


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