Can we re-order the authorization queries in the SQL module?

Gerald Vogt vogt at
Wed Nov 22 07:01:47 UTC 2023

On 22.11.23 07:48, James Fan wrote:
> Sorry, there is a mistake in the question. It should be:

Hmm. You do know that there are lot of more "mistakes" in your question 
that just that. Starting with the simple things like which version you 
are running or what exactly you are doing. Alan almost each time points 
out to the welcome message of this list and what's needed.

Guessing from the lack of information you have provided, your issue 
seems to be in the use of the operating in your reply. It's unlang. You 
have used the operator to replace a value if there is already one. You 
want to use the operator which sets the value only if it's not already 

I think that should do it. But again, I am only guessing about what you 
are doing...



> Can we re-order the authorization queries by any configuration to make a
> higher priority for the user reply in the same attribute? Thanks.
> On Wed, Nov 22, 2023 at 1:57 PM James Fan <polysorb at> wrote:
>> We have a case that needs to prioritize the group reply attributes more
>> than the user reply attributes in the same attribute. However, I found a
>> fixed order for the authorization queries in the source code as below.
>> radcheck -> radreply -> radgroupcheck -> radgroupreply
>> If I change the orders in queries.conf, the query order is not changed
>> while authorizing.
>> So I wonder if we can re-order the authorization queries by any
>> configuration to make higher priority for the group reply? Thanks.
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