MySQL Client Issue

Selahattin CILEK selahattin_cilek at
Sat Sep 9 20:03:57 UTC 2023

I have been installing FreeRADIUS 3 on pfSense for about out 5 years and 
it always came bundled with some version of *mysql57-client* (this or 
that minor version) and it always worked well with *mysql57-server* 
(again, this or that minor version), which FreeRADIUS connected to. To 
give you a context, the last time I installed was about a month ago and 
the versions were as follows:

pfSense -> 2.6.0 (FreeBSD 1.3-STABLE)

FreeRADIUS -> 3.0.25

MySQL Client -> 5.736

But the guys at pfSense decided to skip version 13 of FreeBSD and build 
version 2.7.0 on FreeBSDversion 14. The 2.7.0 version of pfSense comes 
with *freeradius3-3.2.2* and *mysql80-client-8.0.32_2* . Of course, I 
could just install *mysql80-client-8.0.32_2* and modify my SQL code a 
little bit and it would still work. But the problem is that I have 
Syslog-NG installed on the system and it too connects to the same MySQL 
instance and though it has been upgraded to version 4.20, it still uses 
the old *mysql57-client. *

So is there a way to get FreeRADIUS 3.2.2 to work with the old MySQL 
client, you know, using the good old "libdbi" driver?


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