When using DOUBLE_QUOTED_STRING, passwords with '\"' may not work

g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch g4-lisz at tonarchiv.ch
Wed Sep 13 02:55:52 UTC 2023

September 13, 2023 1:53 AM, "平林 哲" <Satoshi.Hirabayashi at soliton.co.jp> wrote:

> I set pass\\\"word at 2022 (three backslashes) in the configuration file to send the unescaped
> password pass\"word at 2022.
> password = "pass\\\"word at 2022"
> However, when I check the LDAP packet with Wireshark, it sends pass\\"word at 2022 and the
> authentication fails.
> Is this phenomenon unique to my environment?

You are right, I could reproduce this behavior.
It seems that in module config string types, the backslashes themselves don't need to be escaped!
Hence a the UNESCAPED password some\password can remain unescaped. password = "some\password".

So it should work with this:

password = "pass\\"word at 2022"

The first backslash stands as it is. The second escapes the double quote.

Or you simply use single quotes:

password = 'pass\"word at 2022'

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