FreeRADIUS on mac

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Sep 30 11:30:33 UTC 2023

On Sep 29, 2023, at 2:18 PM, Robert Fernandez <rfernandez at> wrote:
> Has anyone gotten FreeRADIUS 3.2.3 to compile on Macintosh.
> When I run “make” it errors on the line:
> configure: error: failed linking to libcrypto. Use --with-openssl-lib-dir=<path>, or --with-openssl=no (builds without OpenSSL)

  All FreeRADIUS development is done on a Mac.  :)

  Use homebrew, and install its version of OpenSSL, libtalloc etc.  The OpenSSL shipped with OSX is old an annoying.

  Then, point "configure" at the right places.  For me, it's just:

$ ./configure --with-openssl-include-dir=/opt/homebrew/opt/openssl at 3.0/include/ --with-openssl-lib-dir=/opt/homebrew/opt/openssl at 3.0/lib/

  Alan DeKok.

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