Autz-Type New-TLS-Connection only available when using TLS 1.3

Fadrný Jaroslav Jaroslav.Fadrny at
Thu Feb 22 10:35:35 UTC 2024

Thanks for the reponse. Is There anything, what I should change on radius side? Could be problem with APs itself? Iam not using any certificate on server side, APs just support PAP auth method.



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The short explanation is that everything is working as it should on freeradius side. 
Radsecproxy is not sending its certificate inside the tunnel on connection establishment but during a auth request of a client. 

Thanks for your help. 


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> On Feb 15, 2024, at 11:56 AM, nabble at wrote:
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>  Unless I'm missing something, the client isn't sending any data.  So for TLS 1.2, the connection setup is done, but then the client doesn't do anything else.
>  The client should send actual data inside of the tunnel.  The server should then run the "New-TLS-Connection" method.
>  Alan DeKok.
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