eap_peap: ERROR: (TLS) Alert read:fatal:unknown CA

Kamil Jońca kjonca at op.pl
Sat Jan 6 08:05:36 UTC 2024

Dario Barbon <dbarbon at olicom.eu> writes:

> Hi all, I'm trying to configure Freeradius (version 3.2.3 on Ubuntu
> 22.04) to perform either EAP-TLS and EAP-PEAP MSCHAPv2. I need
> MSCHAPv2 as alternative configuration for Android 11 devices because
> we are experiencing the deletion of client certificates and I'm not
> understand why this issue happens.

I have configured eap-tls on several android devices (including 2 with
android 11) and did not experienced certificate removal.

BUT I have experience profile (=package with credentials) removal on
corporate iphones managed by some kind of MDM.

Are these phones corporate managed?

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