Reject authorization if realm is not found

filip.m.nikolic at filip.m.nikolic at
Mon Jan 22 16:29:03 UTC 2024



I need your help regarding one challenge that I have. 


I created several realms on my radius. 

And now I am testing establishing of session with account with realm that is not defined on radius (In proxy.conf)


How can I reject this type of the authorization if I am getting this type of message. It is in authorize section:


authorize {


(0)     [digest] = noop

(0) suffix: Checking for suffix after "@"

(0) suffix: Looking up realm "" for User-Name = test at <mailto:test at> 

(0) suffix: No such realm ""

(0)     [suffix] = noop


I want here to reject authorization 😊



Thanks in advance for your response,





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