Is it possible to specify a message in the 403 response in Rest Module?

남혁준 sawd1598 at
Tue Jan 23 10:57:06 UTC 2024

First of all, I would like to inform you that the problem is not that I
cannot be authenticated or that I cannot set it up.

I mainly use the Rest module.

So, I tried to use 401 and 403 separately as response types.

In the case of a 401 response, it says "Use the body" and the message I
responded to is parsed correctly.

For 403 responses, the body is "not used." It says.

Perhaps for that reason, no matter what response I send, it doesn't have
much meaning.

However, I confirmed that "Module-Failure-Message" in the 403 response
contained the message "rest: Server returned:".

It looks like it could be connected by conveying an additional message.

If possible, I want the message to be delivered together and appended to
the end, even if it responds with a 403 rejection.

ex) rest: Server returned: Sorry, Server Reject"

Is this possible behavior?

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