IPV6-Address accounting

Hefin James [ahj] (Staff) ahj at aber.ac.uk
Thu Jan 25 10:36:08 UTC 2024


Quick question. We're currently using linelog to forward accounting information to our firewall for ip<->username matching, which has been working well for years.
We've now got a test deployment of IPv6, and I need to do the same ipv6<->username matching. I've got it working, but only to 1 IPv6 address, when there could be many (as shown with the file based accounting log). 

Is there a way to run through the array of IPv6 addresses and getting a syslog line per IPv6 address? 

Thu Jan 25 09:41:48 2024
        Framed-IP-Address = XXX.XXX.21.202
        Framed-IPv6-Address = X:X:X:X:484d:9d72:e002:f00f
        Framed-IPv6-Address = X:X:X:X:b036:8ae5:2b04:1e52
        Framed-IPv6-Address = fe80::30da:576d:c62d:2870
        User-Name = "YYYY"

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


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