redis-ippool and multiple pools

Nick Porter nick at
Sun Jan 28 15:54:28 UTC 2024

On 28/01/2024 00:00, Miguel Berniz wrote:
> I am having issues understanding how to pass &control.IP-Pool.Name to the module as I need to use different pools for dynamic assignment and fixed assignment for both fixed ip addresses and fixed subnets. If I just use a string with pool name in the module it works, but that way I understand I am limited to use a single pool.

The concept with IP pools is that you use some policy to set the IP pool 
name based on attributes seen in the incoming request - so yes, for a 
given request you typically only use a single pool.

>          update control {
>          &Password.cleartext := %redis(hget, radcheck:%{User-Name}, Cleartext-Password)
>          & := %redis(hget, radcheck:%{User-Name}, IP-Pool)
>          }

So you are setting the pool name based on some data you have stored in 
redis keyed off the user name.

What is it that you actually want to do which this won't allow you to do?



Nick Porter

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