redis-ippool and multiple pools

Nick Porter nick at
Mon Jan 29 09:11:44 UTC 2024

On 28/01/2024 19:00, Miguel Berniz wrote:
>>>> (0)        | %redis({hget}{radcheck:, test1}{IP-Pool.Name})
>>>> (0)        | --> Dyn_Internet
>>>> (0)        &control.IP-Pool.Name := "Dyn_Internet"
> (0)      } # update control (noop)
> Issue is this >>>(0)      ERROR: Failed to evaluate required module option pool_name = &control.IP-Pool.Name
> (0)    } # send Access-Accept (fail)
> (0)    default (ok)
> (0)  } # default (ok)
> (0)  Done request

I missed that part of your original post.

How recent is the build of FreeRADIUS v4 that you're using?

A couple of things I would suggest to get to the bottom of what is 

1.  FreeRADIUS v4 does not need update sections any more - and it may be 
something in the conversion of updates to the new edit sections which is 
not behaving correctly.  That code is temporary and intended to aid 
migration from v3 to v4.

Instead of

update control {
     &control.IP-Pool.Name := ...

just use

&control.IP-Pool.Name := ....

This is the new syntax for v4, and the code supporting "update" will be 
removed at some point.

2. Add debug to check the control list

Before the call to redis_ippool add


to verify what is really in the control list


Nick Porter

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