Failed reading certificate file error with freeradius container.

Jonathan Gregoire jonathan763 at
Mon Jan 29 20:51:23 UTC 2024

It works, I have changed the file permissions on my host to "a+r" as suggested.

I will dig on the docker side to see how I can restrict permissions to the minimum required and post my finding here later.

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On Jan 29, 2024, at 3:06 PM, Jonathan Gregoire <jonathan763 at> wrote:
> In Freeradius container, it is the "freerad" user that run the freeradius service:
> ...
> On my host, the freerad user doesn't exist. So I created it and also a group called "freerad" just in case.

  All I can say is that it's a docker / OS / file system issue.  FreeRADIUS runs just fine if the file permissions let it read the files.

  Since FreeRADIUS doesn't control the file permissions, there isn't a lot it can do to fix this issue.

  If you change the files to be "a+r", then it will work.  Which tells you even more that it's a file system issue.

  On a normal OS, the default install creates the correct files with the correct permissions, and it just works.

  There's some docker magic required to get the permissions correct.  I really don't use docker, so I can't say much else here.

  Aan DeKok.

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