freeradius 1.0.4 and Cisco WLSE

Pedro Ribeiro pribeiro-bulk at
Tue Aug 23 00:20:41 CEST 2005

Hello M.McNeil,

I've tried it also, but after upgrade of WLSE to a new version it
stopped working. Then I've configured the same AP (AP1231G) that I'm
using as WDS "master" with the local RADIUS server for LEAP
authentication and configured FreeRADIUS to proxy all the requests of
WDS/WLSE authentication to that AP ...

Friday, August 19, 2005, 6:42:16 PM, you wrote:

> Hello,

> I am having an issue getting Cisco's WLSE 2.11 to successfully 
> authenticate with FreeRadius 1.0.4.  I read where Alan DeKok stated that
> the "supplicant" is broken, and was wondering if this is something Cisco
> has to fix with the WLSE? or is there a way for me to fix the 
> supplicant?  Finally, I read where there were some freeradius patches
> that would remedy this problem.  Can someone provide me with a copy of
> those patches ?  The ones posted on this site have errors in them and
> the LEAP patch fails consistently at line 147 of  
> rlm_eap/types/rlm_leap/rlm_eap_leap.c  Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated.

> Best Regards,

> Mike McNeil
> Sr. Network Engineer
> University of California Berkeley
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Best regards,
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