eap\leap proxy

carnold at dancon.com carnold at dancon.com
Wed Nov 30 17:36:36 CET 2005

I would like to proxy leap authentication requests to a non-leap compatible
radius server. This is a feature of the Cisco ACS product that I was hoping
FreeRadius would be able to do.

I have eap\leap working with my lab wireless access point using the local
users file. I have a realm setup and can proxy pap, chap , and mschap
to a remote radius server.

What I would like to do is have FreeRadius perform the eap\leap
request locally, and proxy a chap or mschap(v2) request with username and
password ( only ) to a remote ( non-eap ) radius server.


1) Does the current FreeRadius download have this capability and I just
   to configure it correctly?

2) Has anyone done eap\leap proxy this way with any success ( or not ) with
   Do you have a code hack you can share?

3) [to the developers] In the processing  eap\leap authentication request
    the code does the username and password get decoded to plain text in a
    if authenticated to the local users file? C file and line number,

If I am not able to get this working, I am looking at having to purchase 10
of Cisco's ACS at $4K each. I would like to avoid the cost and provide
authentication at each of my facilities.

Any input is welcome, thanks in advance....

Chris Arnold
Network Manager & Systems Architect

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