PLS Help I get no response for 2 monthe (missing

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Mon May 8 16:13:07 CEST 2006


>  Hi Stepan 10x  for your prompt respond
>  I Used radrelay and it works  fine

You're welcome :-)

>  the point is that I would like to do it without additional proccess
> Like u said with the hint file
>  where can I get this patch for the hint file  ?

> And how do I tell him not to look for User-Name

hints usually has lines

user	Attrib1 == bar
	Attrib2 := foo

Meaning, if a request from 'user' has Attrib1 == bar, then add Attrib2 with 
content "foo". Pretty much liek the "users" file.

And so, analogous to the "users" file, a line like

	User-Name = "my-dummy-user-name"

means: for every user ("DEFAULT") with no further conditions (rest of the line 
is empty) add a User-Name attribute if none is present (note the = instead of 
the := ; a := *replaces* User-Name even if it's there already, and you don't 
want that). In your case you may want to add your realm as attribute value, 
so that the packet later gets caught by the realm processing.




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